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שמו תנ״ך

Restored Name Edition: His Name Tanakh Version 10.1
Putting the Qodesh Qadashiym Name of יהוה Back Into His Word!

Various copyrights ©1997-2012,

Free PDF Download Of The His Name Tanakh Restored Name Tanakh Edition

His Name Tanakh consists of the Towrah - The Law, Neuiy'iym - The Prophets, and the Ketuwuwiym - The Writings and is an edition that is slowly progressing from the bastardized, badly modified (as well as deliberately misrepresented) English versions to an edition that is more aligned with the system of knowledge, truth, judgments and instructions of יהוה.

His Name Tanakh© was updated prd 04-12-2014 to Version 10.1
Please be sure to read read the Introduction included in the PDF on page iv (after the contents page)
—this is very important!

Hear O Yisra'el© has absolutely no regard for those who would seek to make a profit from the deliberately
mistranslated and wrongly edited versions, words, or teachings of יהוה (but I have no objections to learning).

Please do not redistribute it, reallocate it, rearrange or restructure it either for free or for financial, monetary, fiscal, economic or pecuniary gain or profit! Please do not make it available in any form at all either electronic or otherwise what-so-ever to any person, individual, human being, group, entity, party, faction, crowd, organization, etc!  Please feel free to make use of it for individual non-public non-commercial educational use in the rational, logical, intellectual and scholarly pursuit of the comprehension of יהוה. If you do so I will consider you a thief and ask יהוה 'Elohiym to judge between us! Why?

Well, it has come to my attention that a messie-anic going by the name of Pastor Yahshua has stolen my work and is offering it for download as his own material. I wonder what, exactly, does "pastor" yaahdude not comprehend about "You will not steal"? Not to mention the others that have done it or complained to me about the prohibition as if I perform some evil. My work, distributed as his work, is located at:


This is not the first incidence of someone using His Name Tanakh as their own work. It has occurred several times in the many years I have offered His Name Tanakh.

Take this example from  http://ahyahasherahyahyahuwah.ning.com/   where the His Name Tanakh edition has been plagiarized (Dabariym [deuteronomy] 6:4) by some sort of 2-sticker-12-lost-tribes-lunies-sabatarian website:


Apparently, about 2 or so years ago he visited Hear O Yisra'el, and also, apparently he is a Roman: È venuto, lui ha visto, lui ha preso… or He came, he saw, he took [Ok, ok, that's actually Italian]— straight from the top of every page on this website. I originally had first as the last word, but sometime ago changed it to alone, meaning he has used this as his "own writing" for at least a year. Wow, he couldn't come up with his own motto? That phrase is a variant of:
H8085 - שְׁמַע (hear intelligently with attention and interest, comprehend and obey) and is used in several variations throughout His Name Tanakh. I have never seen any other translation use it in the same manner. None! Not the xtian versions, not the messie-anic versions, nor the Judaic Tanakh versions. Virtually all of them run with the same basic sentence: 'Hear O Yisra'el, the {l*rd} our {g*d} is one.' Yet, this ex-xtian preacher with, what, 20 minutes of studying under his belt seeks to teach others after taking a phrase from my translation for his own use, and changing one word? 'aloah is not correct. Of course, like all the messie 2-sticker-grafted-in-xtian-sub-sects they are all non Jews and, again, of course they know more than we do— to the point of, even, rewriting our language. This anti-Semitism against Yehuwdah (notably the House of Yisra'el) is typical of these types, but hardly unexpected.

Not to be outdone, he took this from me as well (the very first GIF image I made on my first incarnation of Hear O Yisra'el, wow, it has been years)...apparently righteous-sojourning isn't what it used to be
http://hearoyisrael.net/ Mr. righteous-sojie didn't even change the name; it's still named morphgold.gif (the name I gave it when I first made it; there's another one named morphpurple. Guess why.) as it was on the original website...you may feel free to take it as well (it'd be nice if you mentioned where you got it).

Another website xtian thief is James Downs, in Austrailia @ 4thisgeneration (http://)4thisgeneration.com(/)wp-content(/)uploads(/)2013(/)04(/)His-Name-Tanakh-7.0(.)pdf  [WARNING! DO NO VISIT THIS SITE]. As always, it's always an xtian or messie-anic! Never a Shintoist, Maoist, or even an athiest...nope...always a member of the xtian'messie club. Shemoth 20:13-14 is generally meaningless to these people. You should download the HNT 9.+ version from here, rather than the one he stole from me, roughly, two years ago. I wouldn't visit this site— google reports it as a phishing attack site— shock me! and shock me!

Funny thing, first Mr. Downs doesn't know what website he owns....he had to ask me! So, I supplied him the DOM info for his site (that's so sad) and he claims he removed my HNT from his site (I have not checked to verify it). Next I get this email from a cohort, Narimatsu Nur <narimatsunur@gmail.com> (the name kinda has a malware ring to it, huh?):
No CHRISTians here, racist.

Your brother in CHRIST

So, the thieving 'brother in Khrist' isn't an Khristian? I'm wondering how he knows what color my skin is? Oh wait, Jew...soooo, if I don't let him steal from me— I'm a racist? Where have we heard that before? Funny, I thought they were based in Austrailia. LOLOL, where do I attract these lying, thieving weirdos? Oh, right I own a website.

I do not ask for money. I do not ask that you e-mail me and praise me to the highest mountain tops! I do not even tell you who I am so that you can think "wondrous thoughts" about me! I am not interested in that. All I reasonably (as well as legally; not to mention morally) ask is that you do not distribute it as your own work (I ask that you do not distribute it at all, but hey I only did the work). If you are dissatisfied with His Name Tanakh, I am sorry. . .merely erase it from your hard drive and your problem is solved.

If you desire someone to have a copy, please send them here!

His Name Tanakh did not start out intended for you. It was never intended for you. When I first started this project, more than fourteen years ago, I was doing it with the sole purpose of aiding myself in my own studies. Truthfully I got tired of remembering to remember to think יהוה every time I saw 'L*RD' which I knew was not only erroneous translating, but a deliberate change to make xtianity more palatable to the nations and much less Jewishy. It sickened me, as did the other deliberate changes that the anti-Semitic translators have made to the Tanakh of my 'Elohiym over the centuries. No, His Name Tanakh did not start out intended for you.

When work began on this project in 1996 I had a PC with less then half a gig of disc space and a memory chip so small it warrants no mention. I had no scripture reference CD's or programs, no 'on-line' references and a word processing program that would not work on today's modern PC's.  I had a few hard-copy scripture editions, a Strong's and my desire to obtain for myself a work that came as close as could be possible to the mitsuwth of 'Elohiym. I wanted to know what it said and not what someone else claimed it said. I did this for me.

There wasn't even an internet as we know it today and I certainly had not yet entertained any thoughts of my own website. More than ten years had passed before I made His Name Tanakh available for download. I have asked for, and expected, no reward, financial or otherwise. You don't even need to thank me; seriously (but, if you find a glaring mistake a quick note would be appreciated!). This is intended as a tool for me to learn by. Consider it as if you were listening to me read aloud in my room. You don't need to thank me for every sentence.

Since roughly 1996 I have invested thousands of hours on His Name Tanakh. Sadly, some of it was wasted time due to improper usage of certain words in 'Ibriyth [Hebrew]. But, I learned. No, His Name Tanakh did not start out intended for you.

Don't be mistaken, I don't mind sharing it and, again, I have neither asked for, nor do I expect, any special thank-you's or payment of any kind and I don't mind you looking over my shoulder and reading along; because, still, I'd be doing this for me. No, don't be mistaken, still, I'd be doing this for me! It isn't fancy-schmansy and it probably never will be—  it was never meant to be, since I am doing this for me but if His Name Tanakh (along with all the other study materials you should be obtaining) helps you out, Haleluw יה and only Yahh! If not, no problem: simply quit using it and delete it from your hard-drive. Problem solved!

There is no group, no organization, no advisory team, no translating department, no interns, no team of scholars, no research department, no committee members, no board of directors, no institute, no society, no personal assistants, no donors and (sigh, Sigh, SIGH) no secretaries—  just one single working-class man.

A large portion of the work was originally 'hand typed' and work was suspended several times—  once when I lost my PC for almost a full year, once when the original copy discs were stolen and other times, over the years, for private reasons.  Through these and many other troubles I encountered much joyfulness, no small amount of knowledge and comprehension and, a few times, even some bitterness and doubts at the cumbersome and time-consuming task before me. Through it all יהוה never left me, though I was occasionally too dense to know it!

You will, sadly, find some unmatched portions, punctuation and other mistakes and problems. You will find passages, headings and titles neglected entirely in the revision process (but with the 4.0+ versions you will notice less and less mistakes and more Hebrew editing), but all praise to יהוה, it surpasses the modern 'Bibles' of the Babliy [Babylonian] system! Why? No agenda. I'm doing this to see what the Tanakh of יהוה actually says, not to make it say what some preconceived religionist-views want it to say.

If this work of my humble hands has any edification for you give all blessings and credit to יהוה!
Hear O Yisra'el© will be as diligent as יהוה allows / blesses to keep on top of the revision process! HalalYahh!

I am probably not even 5%  8%  12%  15%  18%  25% of the way through this endeavor...
Please Pray For The Work!

His Name Tanakh Version 10.1

His Name Tanakh updated prd 04-12-2014 to Version 10.1 – is the complete Tanakh combined into one PDF file; continued addition of clarification to the differences between offerings and sacrifices (not all are finished); continued vocabulary, spelling, archaic English replacements, sentence structure and still more 'Ibriyth corrections; Links have been added to assist HNT readers with upgrades to newer versions. The order of the His Name Tanakh version now more fully follows the Hebrew Tanakh versions in chapter and verses as well [HNT has a different verse ordering in Yesha'yahuw [isaiah] chapters 52 & 53]. All differences are noted within the HNT as well as here: Change Listing.
Important: see the revision descriptions for Versions 9.0 and 7.2 below.

His Name Tanakh was originally released as His Name Scriptures version 1.0 on prd [pagan roman date] 8-04-2007.
For a complete revision history click here.

May יהוה ha'Elohiym [the Mighty One] bless your comprehension!

His Name Tanakh©  is now one PDF file and is distributed in a self-extracting file (hisnametanakh.exe). After saving this file to a folder of your choice (I suggest your desktop), double-click on it and the extractor will place the files in its own folder: C:\1 His Name Tanakh PDF 10.1. You may then move the files to a folder of your choice!  Be sure to read the very important: Introduction From the Editor & Translator (pages iv-v)  first! Remember new version updates are always free!

Download the His Name Tanakh ©  PDF FREE by clicking on the button below:
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<u>His</u> <u>Name</u> <u>Tanakh</u> - The Only Word of Yahuwah 'Elohiym.

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It is very important to read this versions Introductionm From the Editor & Translator (pages iv-v) first!

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  All Towrah and Tanakh quotes are from His Name Tanakh unless otherwise noted.
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Updated pagan Roman date 04-12-2014:
His Name Tanakh Version 10.1

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The Witch Of 'Eyn Do'r

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Honor the Shabbath

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The Firstborn Son Of יהוה

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